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When is The Best Time to Visit Chincoteague?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. If it’s the best time of year for swimming, then July or August is probably your best bet. If you want to avoid the crowds and take advantage of shoulder season rates, September would be the best choice.

July and August are the warmest months on Chincoteague Island with average highs approaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In July, afternoon thunderstorms are a common feature that keeps temperatures from straying too high as well as provides awesome fronts that make for awesome sunsets. August typically sees less precipitation than July though it can happen at any time of the year. The water temperature in the channel is a dependable 70 degrees Fahrenheit for most of this season. If you’re looking to spend your vacation swimming, these are THE months to do it.

The shoulder seasons include April/May and September/October. These times offer cooler temperatures than July and August but still provide enough warmth for swimming in the bay. Due to Chincoteague Island’s location off the east coast of Virginia, there is a prevailing ocean breeze that keeps things nice and comfortable in spring and fall. April and May typically see great weather with low humidity and 60-degree highs. September can be hit or miss in regards to precipitation, but if you dodge the raindrops, you can expect to find great deals on hotel rooms and B&Bs during this time.

The least favorable time of year to visit Chincoteague Island draws crowds far below the peak summer months but still provides enough good weather for beach activities. Winter is a much slower time in terms of business for restaurants, shops, and hotels. Upon your visit, you’ll find a sleepy island with cold weather and flooding from the surrounding bayside marshes. In January, temperatures typically stay below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with many days in the 20s, making it a time not to be on the beach for too long.

Though winter can provide some chilly moments along with gray skies, it is still a great time to explore the island. The cold weather brings in flocks of migrating waterfowl that can be spotted in the marshes and bayside. Chincoteague also hosts its annual Pony Swim during this season, which draws thousands of visitors for this wildly popular event. If you’d like to avoid the crowds and still get to see the ponies, this is THE time of year to do it.

The summer months can be absolutely beautiful but so crowded you’ll want to avoid them at all costs. Instead of battling the crowds at the hottest time of year, enjoy some great savings on your vacation by making a trip during one of Chincoteague’s shoulder seasons!

No matter when you visit Chincoteague, there is always something to enjoy. If swimming and sunbathing are your main priorities, then the summer months are definitely the time to come. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed and intimate experience with fewer crowds, the shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October offer great weather and lower prices. Whichever season you choose, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your visit to Chincoteague Island!