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One of the best parts about traveling is finding somewhere to stay. Whether it’s a five-star hotel or an Airbnb, there are plenty of options for finding that perfect space that will make you feel at home. Both of these offer comfort as well as culture as they’re in the middle of everything! But how do you choose which one?

With more people looking to expand their options on where they stay while traveling, Airbnb has become a popular option. While traditional hotels are still up for rent, you can do more with an Airbnb thanks to the opportunity of renting out someone’s home!

But is it really worth it?

Hotels have always been considered one of the top choices when it comes to traveling. With their reputation for comfort and how they offer everything that you could ask for, why would you want to consider an Airbnb? While hotels can be considered safe and secure, the chance of having a stranger in your own home is much more terrifying than even the most horrible hotel review…right!

But wait! There’s not just one correct answer. With the differences between hotels and Airbnb’s, the decision comes down to what you want out of your trip.

If you like comfort and convenience:

Hotels typically offer amazing restaurants (if not room service), plush beds and pillows, safety measures such as key cards, and luxurious amenities such as big bathtubs, flat screen TV’s, and swimming pools. Having all of the comforts of home while on your business trip or family vacation is amazing!

If you like adventure:

Airbnb’s give you an experience that hotels can’t even compare to. Airbnb’s allow you to live with a local so you can get a true taste of what daily life is like. Because of this, you can experience everything from the nightlife to what stores and restaurants people typically go to as well as the decor and culture.

If you don’t mind a little discomfort:

Many Airbnb’s are small homes or apartments that may not have all of the comforts that a hotel offers. Instead, they give a way for you to connect with a local and get a true feel of what life is like for them. Because of this, you’ll have the chance to stay in an area that many people don’t normally see.

If you want to save money:

Hotels can be extremely expensive! While Airbnbs typically aren’t as expensive as hotels, if you’re going on a trip with a few friends or family members, this can really save some money.

If you want to make a statement:

While hotels are luxurious and comforting, Airbnbs allow you to stretch out and make your space truly your own. You’ll be able to decorate however you like and change things around however you see fit.

If you want a real experience:

Most Airbnb’s give you a way to connect with locals and those that live in the area. This can allow you to have amazing conversations as well as learn more about the culture, cuisine, and daily life of those around you. You’ll be able to truly experience what it is like to live there.

This is why hotels and Airbnb’s typically can’t be compared. With both of them offering amazing services, it really comes down to the type of experience you want to have while traveling…or even living in another area! Airbnbs typically aren’t for everyone but if you’re looking for something fun and different, this might be your answer!
Which among these two do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below!