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Many people are opting to use Uber over renting a car on their vacations. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with both choices. The question is, which one is better?

What are the Pros of Using Uber over Renting a Car?

· Lower prices for daily rates
· No need to shop around for different rental companies
· No need to worry about fuel or tolls
· Save on parking charges (which can be very expensive) at airports and hotels
· Avoid the stress of driving in a new city during peak traffic times

What are the Cons of Using Uber over Renting a Car?

· No physical ownership of the car
· No ability to leave personal items in the car
· Limits on mileage and amount of time you can use the vehicle.

What are some of the Pros of Renting a Car?

· You have possession, control over, and access to your rental car at all times during your trip.
· You can leave personal items in your rental car.
· Possibility of one-way rentals, so you don’t need to return the rental to where you picked it up from.
· Ability to use a GPS system in the vehicle (if offered by the company).
The problem with renting a car is that prices for daily rates and fuel costs can be higher than Uber and you could wind up paying for extra mileage, which would defeat the purpose of using public transportation.

What are some of the Cons of Renting a Car?

· You must shop around to find the best deal on rental rates and availability.
· You will need to prepay your gas charges, which can be more expensive than simply refueling the car yourself.
· Need to buy an international plan on your cell phone for continuous GPS use or one-time instructions at pick up.
· Parking charges are very expensive, especially during busy holidays and special events.

When using Uber versus renting a car, you would have better availability of cars during the day, but there could be a wait for an Uber at night or when you are in a hurry. You have to have cell service in order to use Uber and you also need address details of where you are going.

Both options offer pros and cons that can affect your final decision.  It all depends on what you are looking for in your overall travel experience.  The bottom line is that you will have to weigh the options and decide what works best for you, regardless of whether or not you choose Uber or rent a car.