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Dolphins are popular creatures to see in the wild. Here is a list of places you can go to find dolphins in their natural habitat.

1. Gulf of Mexico, Brownsville, Texas

If you’re up for an adventure (and don’t mind the heat), try swimming with wild dolphins. The Gulf of Mexico is home to several pods of bottlenose dolphins that are known to swim in the area near Brownsville, Texas. This pod is one of six resident pods found in the gulf along the coast of North America. A truly unique experience, wild dolphins are exciting to swim with and can be seen year-round. The best time of the year to do this is in the winter (September-May) when water temperatures are cooler. These pods can be found near South Padre Island where you will need to take a boat guided by locals who know the pod’s patterns and locations.

2. Black Sea, Turkey

Black Sea dolphins are found in Romania and Bulgaria, but the best place to swim with them is in Turkey. Swimming with these creatures can be arranged through your hotel or by booking an excursion at one of the many tour agencies around town. Tours to see wild dolphins will take you along the Turkish coast where you will cruise the sea in search of pods. Your tour guide/boat captain will be able to tell you about the pod’s habits and where to find them based on their location. Once dolphins are spotted, it is possible to jump into the water for a swim! Tours usually last around 2-3 hours.

3. The Bahamas

The Bahamas is home to several pods of Atlantic spotted dolphins. The best place to find them is off the island of Grand Bahama which has more than 300 resident dolphins. These docile creatures are fun to swim with and can be found year-round in the shallow waters where they live. To swim with these creatures you will need an eco-tourism permit which can be obtained through several local tour agencies offering dolphin tours. Tours last around 1-2 hours and give you the opportunity to swim with dolphins along with other attractions such as iguanas, sharks, and turtles.

4. The Azores, Portugal

Out of all the places in Europe where you can swim with wild dolphins, the Azores in Portugal is perhaps the best. There are several pods of dolphins around this archipelago including a resident pod that lives near the island of São Miguel. As a result, seeing these creatures is quite common, and swimming with them can be arranged through a boat trip or by joining an organized tour at one of the many tour agencies in town. Tours to see wild dolphins usually last around 2-3 hours and offer a variety of other activities such as swimming with turtles, giant manta rays, sharks, and more.

5. The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is home to several species of dolphins including the bottlenose and the spinner. The best places on the reef to see dolphins are along Whitsunday Island between Mackay and Proserpine or Green Island north of Cairns. Dolphins are known to visit these areas on a regular basis so seeing them is almost guaranteed. However, sightings vary with seasons; you are more likely to see dolphins in summer (December-May) than in winter (June-November). Dolphin swimming tours are organized through local hotels or can be booked online. You will travel to the reef by boat where your tour guide/captain will be able to spot dolphins once you are far away from the island.

These five places will give you the chance to swim with wild dolphins. If you are looking for a more relaxing experience, then taking a dolphin tour at one of these locations is best. Be sure to do your research on each location before booking your tour or excursion; some might include other activities while others leave you stranded far away from land.